Gyaneshwari 214

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

Arjuna said:

1. What is that Brahman, what is the self? What is Action, O Supreme Person? What is called Adhibhuta? What is said to be Adhidaivata? Then Arjuna said, I am now listening carefully. Kindly explain to me what I have asked you. Tell me what is Brahman, what is named karma, and what is called Adhyatma? What is Abhibhuta, what is Adhidaivata? Tell me clearly so that I can understand them.

2. Who and how is the Adhiyajna here in this body, O slayer of Madhu? and how at the time of death are you to be known by the self-possessed? O Lord, what is the Adhiyajna in this body, which does not come within the reach of inference? And tell me, O Krishna, how are you to be known at the time of departure with a restrained mind (1-5)?