Gyaneshwari 288

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Divine Manifestation

Gurudeva, you are adept in imparting a clear knowledge of Brahman, in making the lotus of learning bloom and in sporting lovingly with the maiden, in the form of the subtlest inarticulate speech; my salutations to you. You are the sun who destroys the darkness of ignorance in the form of worldly existence. You are a powerful God, who promotes with ease the highest state of the mind in which it becomes one with the Supreme Self, I bow to you. You are the protector of the whole world, the mine of gems in the form of blissful things, the sandalwood tree in the woods in the form of good men. A deity worthy of being worshipped by the devotees, my salutations to you. You are the moon who gives delight to the Chakora birds in the form of the discerning men, the prince among the realizers of Self, the ocean of Vedic knowledge, the destroyer of the god of love: I bow to you. You are worthy of being worshipped with pure devotion as the destroyer of the temples of the elephant in the form of worldly existence, and the origin of the world, I bow to you (1-5).

When Ganesha in the form of your grace bestows his gift, even a child has access to the sanctuary of literary art. When your noble voice gives the pledge of safety, one can dive into the ambrosial ocean of the nine literary sentiments (rasas). When your loving speech grants its favours, even a dumb person can compete with the preceptor of gods, in literary talent. Not only this, but even an ordinary mortal attains to divine eminence, when your benedictory glance falls upon him or your blissful hand touches his head. How can I describe with the feeble power of my speech, the glorious grace of my Master?


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