Gyaneshwari 681

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



O my Master! You are pure and all auspicious to your devotees, glory to you. You are the strong wind, which dispels the clouds of birth and old age. O powerful God, you destroy all that is inauspicious and dispense the fruit of the scriptures. You are perfect and love your devotees, who are free from sensuous desires. You destroy the play of time and are beyond all modifications. O God, you are motionless and you have become big-bellied, by gulping the fickle minds of your devotees. To create the world over and over again is your loving sport. You possess pure nature and inspire happiness. You are destroyer of all sins and the cause of this universe (1-5).

O Lord, you are self-illumined and support the clouds, in the form of worlds, like the sky. You are the first pillar on which is erected the pavilion of the created world, and you are also its dissolution. Free from the conditioning factors, you are the elephant, which destroys the garden of empirical knowledge. You are also the sea of compassion, which destroys desire and pride, with the aid of self-control and restraint of the senses. God, you are one and single, who averts the pride of the snake, in the form of desire. You are the lamp in the temple of devotee’s hearts and the redresser of their worldly troubles and tribulations. O Lord, you are simply unique and you love your devotees, who have become perfected in their dispassion. You are beyond the sway of Maya, but are accessible to your devotees and fit for their devotion.