Gyaneshwari 72

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Arjuna said: 1. O Krishna, if wisdom is deemed by you superior to action, then why do you, O Keshava, urge me to do this horrible deed? Then Arjuna said, I have carefully listened to whatever you have said, O merciful Lord. From what you say it appears that both the deed and the doer do not survive. If this is your definite view, O Infinite Lord, then why are you insisting that I should fight? Don’t you feel any scruples in involving me in this heinous crime? Since you have negated action in its entirety, then why are you forcing me to do this violent deed? O Krishna, think over this, that after extolling freedom from action, you are urging me to commit violence (1-5).

2. With perplexing words you are confusing, as it were, my understanding. Tell me positively the one way by which I shall win the highest good. Lord, if you talk like this, what should ignorant men like me do? I should say that reason has now reached its tether. If this is your advice, how does it differ from a confused statement? This is how you have satisfied my craving for knowledge. If a physician, after prescribing a diet, himself gives poison, how will the patient survive? Pray tell me that, as one guides a blind man into a blind alley, or offers wine to a monkey, so your advice has completely bewildered me. As I lacked understanding and was moreover confused, O Krishna, I sought your advice (6-10).