Gyaneshwari 420

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The field and the knower of the field

I cherish God Ganesha, who is identical with my Self. Then I bow at the feet of my Master, who is the abode of all lores. Whoever thinks of him, masters the art of poetic composition and holds the lores at the tip of his tongue. He possesses such a sweet eloquence, that it surpasses nectar and the nine sentiments take recourse to all his words. The exegesis discloses its secrets and explains the different doctrines. When our mind meditates upon the feet of the Master, then their meaning dawns upon us, the lucky ones (1-5).

Bowing to the feet of his Master, Jnanadeva says that the Lord of Lakshmi, father of god Brahma, spoke thus,

The blessed Lord said:

1. This body, O son of Kunti (Arjuna) is called the Field, He who knows this - him the knowers thereof call the knower of the Field. O Partha, listen. This body is called the Field and he who knows this, is said to be the Knower of the Field.

2. Know Me as the knower of the Field in all the Fields, O Bharata. The knowledge of the Field and its knower is, in My view, true knowledge. Know ye definitely, that I am the Kshetrajna, who supports the Fields. To know the Field and the knower of the Field, I deem it as the true knowledge.


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