Gyaneshwari 99

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Fortune has smiled today on the organs of hearing; for they have found the treasure of the Gita. What seemed like a dream has come true. In the first place the subject pertained to spiritual wisdom; secondly its exponent was Lord Krishna, the conqueror of the world; and lastly the listener was Arjuna, the foremost among the devotees. As if the fifth note, fragrance and sweet taste had come together, this tale conduced to the delight of all present. By a stroke of good luck, the listeners have come by the river of nectar, and their prayers and penance have borne fruit. Therefore, all the sense organs should remain in the organ of hearing and enjoy this conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna (1-5).

Then the hearers said, “Please cut short this untimely embellishment and recount to us the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna.”

Thereafter Sanjaya said to King Dhritarashtra, “At that time Arjuna was endowed with the quality of sattva; and Lord Krishna was talking to him with great affection. He revealed to him his secret, which he did not disclose to his father Vasudeva, nor to his mother Devaki, nor to his brother Balarama. Even goddess Lakshmi who was very close to him, could not enjoy this affection, which came to be shared by Arjuna alone. Even sages like Sanaka did not succeed in gaining this affection for which they were hopefully waiting for many years (6-10).

What merit had Partha gained to deserve this incomparable love of the Lord of the world? See, because of his affection for Arjuna this formless God became incarnate; so it seems to me that they are one and the same. Otherwise why did this Supreme Self without beginning and motion, who is inaccessible to the yogis or incomprehensible to the Vedas or imperceptible to the eye of meditation, become so merciful to Arjuna in this extraordinary way? How did this, the folded state of the three worlds and beyond form become so favourable to Arjuna?