Gyaneshwari 144

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Then Sanjaya said to king Dhritarashtra, “O King, kindly listen to the import of Yoga, which Lord Krishna will impart to Arjuna. The Lord had arranged a feast of enlightenment, which I happened to attend as an uninvited guest. what luck! It is as if a thirsty man drank what he thought to be water and found after tasting it, that it was nectar. By a happy chance, we have indirectly received the benefit of this doctrine of Brahman, to which Dritarashtra said, ‘I never asked you to tell me all this’. When he said this, Sanjaya guessed that the king’s mind was fully occupied with the fate of his sons (1-5). He smiled and said to himself, “This old man is accursed with infatuation, but the discourse has been excellent so far. But how can he appreciate it? How can one blind from birth, see the dawn?” He was afraid that his frank talk would attract his wrath. He hailed the conversation between the Lord and Arjuna and was transported with joy in his heart. Now, with a mind serene and full of joy, he will recount to the King respectfully what the Lord said. This is an endearing occasion in the Sixth Chapter of Gita like sweet nectar found in churning the Sea of Milk (6-10). This chapter is the essence of the meaning of the Gita, the farther shore of the sea of discriminating knowledge, and the open mine of yogic treasures. It is the restingplace of Adimaya, before whom even the Vedas remain mute. This Gita is like a creeper, which provides shoots in the form of doctrines. This sixth chapter will be told in a literary style, to which you should listen with rapt attention.