Gyaneshwari 189

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

The blessed Lord said:

1. Listen now with your mind fixed on me, practicing Yoga and taking refuge in me, you shall know me, O Partha, to the uttermost beyond doubt.

2. I shall tell you in full about wisdom together with knowledge, by knowing which nothing remains that needs to be known. Then Lord Krishna said to Partha, you have already become endowed with Yoga. I shall now explain to you wisdom along with worldly knowledge so that you will know me fully, like a gem kept on your open palm. You may think why a person should need to possess this worldly knowledge. It is, however, essential to know it first. Then he is able to turn his back on worldly knowledge and fix his mind on wisdom; just as a boat fastened to the shore does not rock. That which the intellect does not penetrate, that from which thought beats a retreat and that from which the reasoning does not pierce (1-5),

that O Arjuna, is wisdom; other than this is worldly knowledge and that which regards the world as real, is ignorance. Wisdom destroys all ignorance and worldly knowledge and conduces to the knowledge of the self. It spouts a stop to any further discourse on it or the desire to hear it and all talk about distinctions of high and low. I shall explain to you this wisdom in words, so that even if you know a little of it, it will comfort you.


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