Gyaneshwari 188

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



47. And among all the yogis too, he who, full of faith, worships Me, with his inner Self absorbed in Me, is deemed by Me to be the best of yogis. Know ye that this yogi is the God of gods, My sole happiness - nay My very life. He has the uninterrupted experience that I am the triad of the means of devotion, namely the devotee, devotion and the object of devotion. Moreover, it is difficult to describe in words the affection which subsists between Me and My devotee. The only simile which can describe our loving union, is to say that I am the body and he is the soul in it (481-485).

Sanjaya said to Dhritarashtra, “Thus spoke Shri Krishna, who is the moon that gladdens the chakora birds in the form of devotees, who is the ocean of all the best qualities and the sovereign of all the three worlds. The lord of the Yadus realised that the desire of Arjuna to listen to his teaching had now redoubled. Shri Krishna was overjoyed to see that Arjuna’s face revealed, as in a mirror, whatever he taught. In the excitement of this joy, he would now relate the story further. The next chapter will display the sentiment of serenity and open the bag containing the seeds of knowledge. Then the downpour of righteous feelings will soften the minds of the hearers, which will then become ready beds for sowing the seeds of knowledge (486490).

When the ground is steamed with the warmth of attention, Shri Nivrittinath longed to sow the seeds of doctrines. My Guru has used me as the funnel for sowing the seeds and has placed the seeds in my mind after placing his palm on my head. Because of this, whatever words will come out of my lips will penetrate directly the hearts of the saints. This apart, I shall now relate what the Lord said to Arjuna. Please listen to it with rapt attention, think over it with your understanding and try to apprehend its import with your mind. Then store this talk in your heart, so that it will gratify the minds of all you saintly people (491-495).

This talk will benefit everyone, will lead to the fulfillment of life’s goal and conduce to great happiness. Now I shall describe in the Ovi metre the clever and comely conversation which Lord Krishna had with Arjuna (496-497).