Gyaneshwari 515

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Three Qualities

O Master, glory to you! You are the greatest among all gods, the morning sun that gives light in the form of intelligence and the dawn of happiness. You are the resting place of all, the one who brings about the experience of the idea, ‘I am myself the Supreme Brahman’ and the ocean in which the waves rock all the worlds. Glory to you, O friend of the poor, you are the eternal sea of compassion and the Lord of the bride, in the form of Brahmic lore. To those from whom you hide yourself, you show this worldly appearance and to those to whom you disclose yourself, you make it appear that you are all. The magician performs magic by deluding the vision of others. But your sport is so wonderful that you make them forget themselves (1-5).

You impart selfknowledge to some, but bring others under the sway of Maya; such is your skill, I bow to you. It is you, who have given sweetness to the water and forgiveness to the earth. It is because of your power of splendour, that the sun and the moon, which are mere shells, illumine the three worlds. It is because of your Divine power that the wind blows and the sky plays the game of hide and seek. All this is your limitless Maya, and knowledge too, secures its vision from you. Enough of this, because, even the Vedas suffer fatigue, while describing you (6-10).

The Vedas proceed with their description, so long as they do not get a glimpse of you, but on realising you, both the Vedas and we come on the common plane of muteness. When the world is in deluge, drops of water do not count and even the big rivers cannot be spotted out. When the sun rises on the horizon, even the moon looks lusterless like the glow-worm.


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