Gyaneshwari 605

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Divine and Demoniacal Natures

A marvelous sun has risen, who dispels the illusory form of the world and makes the lotus in the form of non-dualism blossom; I bow to him. This sun, in the form of My Master, dispels the dark night of ignorance, puts out the stars in the form of knowledge and ignorance and shows to the enlightened men the auspicious day of Self-realisation. When this sun rises, he gives the eye of wisdom and the birds in the form of beings leave their nests in the form of body-consciousness. With the rise of this sun, the bee in the form of the subtle body full of desires, is released from its confinement. This lamp of the world reunites the pair of chakravaka birds (the brahmany geese) in the form of the intellect and knowledge and makes them happy - the chakravaka birds who had been trapped in the darkness of ignorance, as a result of their being caught in the difficult situation of the incomprehensible words of the scriptures and were lamenting their separation on the two banks of distinction (1-5).

When knowledge dawns, the time stolen by the thief in the form of distinction, comes to an end and the wayfarers in the path of Yoga, walk along the way, leading to Self-realisation. With the rays of this sun, in the form of discrimination, the sunstone in the form of knowledge, becomes ignited and burns the forests in the form of worldly affairs. When the rays of this sun fall on the sandy plains of the self, the latter becomes flooded with the mirage, in the form of the great miraculous powers (mahasiddhis). When this sun reaches the zenith of Self-realisation in the noon of Brahmic state, then the shadow cast by delusive knowledge in the form ‘I am the body’, vanishes (it remains under his feet) (6-10).


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Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar
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