Gyaneshwari 396

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



(O grace of My Master), you are known to be pure and generous and ever ready to give joy to your disciple, Glory to you! The fainting fit, which results from the bite of a snake, in the form of sense-objects, does not abate without your help. If the waves of your kindness come in floods, who will suffer from the pangs of misery or worldly sorrow? O mother, it is through you, that the disciple enjoys the bliss resulting from Yoga, and his strong desire to become one with the Absolute is also satisfied by you. You keep him on the lap of the Serpent-Power of the Muladhara and placing him in the cradle of the region of the heart, you swing the cradle (1-5).

You wave the light of self-knowledge before him, providing him with toys of self-restraint and breath-control and adorn him with child’s bliss. You give him nectar to drink from the seventeenth phase of the moon and singing a lullaby of the unstuck sound (Anahata), you lull him to sleep after acquainting him with the bliss flowing from samadhi. You are the mother of the seekers, and all lores spring from your feet.