Gyaneshwari 216

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

The blessed Lord said:

3. The imperishable is the Supreme Brahman; it’s essential nature is the Self, and that which causes the existence of beings is known as action. Then the Supreme Lord said, “The Supreme Self is that which dwells in this hollow body, but does not ever ooze out (11-15).

It is not void, although it is so subtle that one can strain it in the fabric of akasha, and though it is so very fine and thin, it does not trickle down from the cloak of the world even though thoroughly shaken. And even after the assumption of form, it does not know the vicissitudes of life and does not perish with the disappearance of the form. It continues to exist in its own eternal state; and this inherent nature of Brahman is known as Adhyatma. Then just as all of a sudden, simultaneously only knows not how, clusters of clouds of different hues appear in the sky (16-20),

so from that pure formless Brahman different entities such as mahat emerge and the universe takes shape. On the heath of formless Brahman, the seed of the primal Will, ‘let me be many’, takes root and spreads out different primordial eggs. If you look carefully, every primordial egg is full of such seeds, by which countless creatures come into being and fade away. Then different parts of these primordial eggs go on briskly conceiving the Will to become many, giving rise to a flood of creations. But in all this creation abides the Supreme Brahman without a second, and the manifold creation, which we see, is like a mirage (21-25).

One does not know how these similarities and distinctions have come about. If it is said that this world has come into existence without a cause, we see that there are thousands of species, which have come into existence. One cannot place any limit to the number of creatures and things. But if you try to discover the origin, you know that it is Brahman. One does not see the author of this creation nor any rational basis for it; but the creative activity is going on all the same. All that we see is name and form without an apparent originator. The activity that arises from this, is known as karma.