Gyaneshwari 252

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

6. Nor do these works of creation bind Me, O Arjuna, since I remain like one indifferent, detached from these actions. Just as a mound of salt cannot stop a rushing mass of river water, so even if the works of creation ultimately merge in Me, they do not bind Me. How can a cage of smoke stop a blast of wind or darkness enter the sun’s disc (121-125)?

If a torrential rain could drench things in the bosom of a mountain, then actions of prakriti would affect Me. Even though I am the cause of the modifications of prakriti, I remain indifferent, not doing anything or making others do it. Just as a lamp kept in the house does not know who is doing what in the house, but is a mere witness to the work which goes on in the house, so although I remain in the beings, I am unconcerned about their works. In how many ways can I elucidate the same thing again and again? But, O Arjuna, keep this in mind (126-130).