Gyaneshwari 253

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

7. With Me presiding over her, prakriti begets the moving and stationary things; for this reason, O son of Kunti, the world revolves. Just as the sun is merely the instrumental cause of the world’s affairs, so I am, O Arjuna, the cause of creation of the world. Since under My superintendence the prakriti creates this world, I am said to be the cause of it. Now if you look at My Divine Yoga in the light of this knowledge, you will know that neither I am in these beings, nor they in Me. I am disclosing to you this secret of Mine, which you should experience in your heart, by shutting the doors of the senses (131-135).

Unless you know this secret, you will not realize My real nature, like grain in a heap of husk. People think that they can understand Me with the aid of reasoning, but can the earth become soft with the water of a mirage? The moon’s reflection appears to be caught in a fisherman’s net in the sea, but when the net is brought to the shore and shaken, where is the reflection? So some persons, on the strength of the words and utterances, pretend that they have attained self-realization; but when they are put to the test, they realize that they have not attained it nor are they likely to attain it in future.