Gyaneshwari 251

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

When this misconception ceases, the superimposition comes to an end, and then My pure nature without form remains (76-80).

Just as a giddy person thinks that the surrounding objects are revolving around him, so the beings appear as superimpositions on My indivisible nature. When this misconception ceases, no one can imagine even in a dream, that I exist in the beings or that the beings exist in Me. So to say that I support the beings or that I exist in the beings is like the raving of a person suffering from delirious fever. Thus it is the misconception of an unreal being that makes one think that I am the core of this universe or the support of the beings.

Just as one sees the non existent mirage due to the sun’s rays, he thinks that I exist in the beings and the beings exist in Me. But even as the sun and its light are one and the same, so I do not exist apart from the beings. Do you see, O Arjuna, this My Divine power? Tell me, do you see any distinction between Me and the beings? Thus the world is not really different from Me, and so do not ever think that I am different from them.