Gyaneshwari 223

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

11. That which the Veda-knowers call Imperishable, which the self-controlled enter free from passion, and desiring which they practice continence, that goal I shall declare to you briefly.Those who are a mine of wisdom, which is the consummation of all knowledge, call it the imperishable with full understanding (96-100).

The sky is not blown away by a tempest unlike the cloud. Had it been a cloud, would it have withstood the tempest? That which is known and measured by the intellect is perishable and that which is beyond comprehension is Imperishable. This which the knowers of Vedas call the Imperishable is the Supreme Self and it is beyond the prakriti. Then those who abandon the sense-objects like poison, purify the senses and remaining unattached in the body and full of dispassion wait for Him, whom even the desireless wish to attain (101-105).

In order to attain that state, they do not mind taking the difficult vow of celibacy, restraining the senses with severity. I shall tell you again about that state, which those who depart in this way attain, which is fathomless and difficult to reach and in the shallow waters of which the Vedas could take only a dip. Then Arjuna said. “O Lord, I was on the point of asking you this, but you granted me this favor. So please tell me, but make it very simple for me.” Then said the Light of the Three Worlds, “Don’t I know you well? I shall tell you all this in brief, listen (106-110).

Therefore, controlling the natural habit of the mind to wander outside, ensure that it remains confined inside your heart.”