Gyaneshwari 222

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

9. He who remembers the wise, the ancient ruler, subtler than the subtle, the supporter of all, of inconceivable form, effluent like the sun, beyond darkness,

10. At the time of death, with a steady mind, endowed with devotion and power of Yoga, having fixed his breath between the eyebrows, attains to the Person Supreme and Divine. The Brahman is formless, and without birth and death, and is whole and the witness of all. It is more ancient than akasha and subtler than the atom. The universe starts its activity in its presence. It creates all things and sustains the whole universe, is incomprehensible and beyond the reach of reason. Look, as the white ants cannot enter live coal or darkness cannot enter the sunlight, it is not visible to the physical eye during daylight. It is like a heap of sun’s rays which looks like dawn to those who know, and the words ‘rising’ and ‘setting’ do not apply to it even by way of metaphorical import (86-90).

He remembers that spotless Brahman at the time of death with a steady mind. He sits in the lotus posture, facing the north, thinking of the joy of karmayoga in his mind and hastens to attain the true nature of Brahman by collecting his mind and holding it dear. Then he leads his prana through the vein known as sushumna first into the plexus known as ajnachakra and then to the Brahmarandhra. When the prana enters the cidakasha, he sees the combination of body and mind as an unreal appearance (91-95).

Then with a steady mind full of devotional love, controlling him through the power of Yoga and keeping his mind steady on the center of the eyebrows, he tries to dissolve his body and mind. Then just as the sound of a bell becomes dissolved in the bell, or the flame of a lamp kept under a vessel is extinguished without anybody coming to know of it, he leaves behind his body in peace. He then attains to the Supreme Self also known as the Supreme Person, and My highest light.