Gyaneshwari 224

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

12. Closing all the doors of the senses, confining the mind in the heart, fixing the prana within the head, resorting to yogic concentration,This will happen only when the doors of the senses are shut with the lock of restraint. When the mind is so confined, it remains stay put in the heart, just as a cripple does not leave the precincts of his home. When the mind comes to rest, then you should control the breath meditating on Om and then take the prana gradually to the recess of the heart and hold it through concentration so that it stops short of merging in akasha, until the three syllabic feet of Om sink in its half (111-115).

He should hold the prana in the chidakasha and when the syllable Om unites with it, it remains at peace in the chidakasha.