Gyaneshwari 201

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

Just as it is difficult for a lustful person to keep his wife under control, so a person cannot cross this river of Maya (by his own effort). But he who surrenders himself to Me easily crosses this river of Maya, in fact the mirage in the form of Maya vanishes even on this side of the river for him who has girded himself for the experience of Brahman and has found the raft in the form of self-knowledge and the Guru as the steersman. Then throwing away the burden of egoism and escaping the gale of doubt and the strong current of passion, he reaches the ford of knowledge, which is the easiest way of gaining the experience of absolute unity. Then taking a leap forward towards the other shore of dispassion (96-100)

and treading the water with powerful strokes of arms in the form of renunciation and floating on the strength of his staunch faith that he himself is the Supreme Brahman, he reaches without effort the other shore of dispassion. Those who worship Me like this, transcend this Maya, but such devotees are rare, not many.

16. O Arjuna, virtuous persons of four kinds worship Me - those in distress, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth and the man of wisdom, O best of Bharatas.