Gyaneshwari 202

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

17. Of these the man of wisdom, ever controlled and devoted to One (i.e. Me) alone, excels; for I am exceedingly dear to a man of wisdom, and he too is dear to Me.But others who are possessed by the evil spirit of egoism have become oblivious of selfknowledge. They do not remember how the apparel of self-restraint has slipped away, and without feeling any shame for their downfall, they merrily perform actions prohibited by the Vedas. They forget that they have come to inhabit the home of the human body for a specific purpose (101-105)

and prattle about ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ on the track of sense-enjoyment, surrounding themselves by clusters of various passions. When they receive buffets of grief and misery, they suffer from loss of memory. This is because they have come under the sway of Maya.There are four kinds of devotees who have achieved the ends of human life through devotion to Me. The first is known as man in distress, the second is the seeker of knowledge, the third is the seeker of wealth and the forth is the man of wisdom. Some desire relief from misery, some desire to know the Truth and some desire to amass wealth (106-110).

But the fourth kind has nothing to achieve in return. He is the man of wisdom, My true devotee, because in the light of knowledge he has gone beyond duality and unity. Though he has become one with Me, he still remains My devotee. Just as a crystal placed in moving water seems moving for a moment, the same is the case of a man of wisdom. when the wind stops it becomes identified with the sky, so when the devotee becomes one with Me, he still continues to be a devotee. When the wind blows it appears to have a separate existence from the sky, otherwise it continues to be with it (111-115).

So when the devotee performs actions, he appears as a devotee, but internally he has attained identity with Me. And in the light of knowledge, he regards Me as his Self; and so I too, being pleased with him, consider him as My very Self. If a person works in full realization of his true state beyond his present life, can he though in a separate body, remain separate from Me?