Gyaneshwari 200

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

Those who relied on the arms of actions hoping for liberation were caught in the maze of injunctions and prohibition (86-90).

In this river the canoe of dispassion cannot enter and the bamboo of discrimination could not hold out. Perhaps the eightfold Yoga would enable one to cross this river. To say that a person can cross it by his own effort is as difficult as to get well without observing the prescribed diet. If it is possible for a good man to understand the evil designs of a wicked person or for a greedy person to turn his back on riches, or for a thief to attend an open meeting or for the fish to swallow a bait, or for a coward to overpower an evil spirit or the young one of a doe to gnaw the snare set by a hunter, or for an ant to climb the Meru mountain, then alone will a living being reach the other shore of this Maya (91-95).