Gyaneshwari 199

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

Those who went in the boat of the three Vedas, loading it with rocks full of conceit of their learning, were swallowed by the big fish of arrogance. Those, who relying on the strength of their youth took to amorous pursuits, were chewed to death by crocodiles in the form of sensuous pleasures (81-85).

They were soon caught in the wave of old age and became entangled in the net of dotage. When being dashed against the rocks of grief and getting choked in the whirlpool of mire they tried to raise their head, they were pecked at by vultures, in the form of calamities. Caught in the quagmire of grief they were lost in the sands of death and so those who took recourse to sensuous pleasures in youth were lost forever. Those who tied a float around the belly in the form of sacrificial rites were caught in the rocky fissures in the form of heavenly pleasures.