Gyaneshwari 182

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Arjuna said:

37. (If) he who is unrestrained but has faith, with his mind wandering from Yoga, fails to achieve perfection in Yoga, what state does he reach, O Krishna?

38. Fallen from both, does he not perish like a rent cloud, lacking firm support, O mighty armed Krishna, bewildered in the path of Brahman?

39. Pray, dispel fully this doubt of mine, O Krishna, for there is none other than you to resolve this doubt. But O Lord, I have another doubt which none but yourself will be able to resolve (426-430).

Therefore, O Shri Govinda (Krishna) enlighten me on this. Suppose, there is a man full of faith, who wanted to attain liberation without the practice of Yoga. Leaving the place of senses, he proceeded along the path of faith with the object of reaching the state of self-realisation. But he could not reach the destination of liberation nor could he retrace his steps (and enjoy the sense-objects). In this condition the sun of his existence set (and he got stranded). Just as a thin unseasonal cloud does not last nor gives rain, in the same way both the paths were closed to him. While the attainment of liberation remained distant, he was also deprived of sense enjoyment which he had left behind out of faith (431-435).

In this way, when he loses both even when he remains full of faith, what state does he attain?