Gyaneshwari 183

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The blessed Lord said:

40. Neither here nor hereafter, O Partha, is there doom for him, for no one who does good, dear friend, treads the path of evil. Then Lord Krishna said, “O Partha, how can one who longs for the bliss of liberation, reach any destination other than liberation? what happens is this that he has to take respite in his journey. But the happiness which he attains in that state is not available even to gods. Had he pursued the practice of Yoga at a quicker pace, he would have attained liberation even before the end of his life span. But as he was lax in his effort, he had to tarry in the midst of his journey. But he is destined to reach the state of liberation in the end (436-440).”

41. Having attained the worlds of the virtuous and living there for many years, he who has strayed from the path of Yoga is born in the house of the pure and prosperous. It is a wonder that this seeker easily attains the (celestial) world, to attain which even Lord Indra has to exert himself (by performing hundred sacrifices). While he is enjoying these elysian pleasures, he feels remorse and says ‘O God, why has this obstacle come in my way?’ Then he is reborn in this mortal world into a virtuous family. Just as the plants which are reaped during harvest give out profuse shoots, in the same way his wealth increases. All members of his family tread the path of virtue, speak the truth with frankness and follow the code of conduct laid down in the scriptures (441-445).

In this family the Vedas are his living deity, his sense of duty provides the code of conduct and discriminative thought is his adviser; God is the only object of contemplation and family-deity bestows prosperity. In this manner, the person who has strayed from the path of Yoga takes birth on the strength of his merit, in a prosperous family that provides him worldly pleasures.