Gyaneshwari 181

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The blessed Lord said:

35. Without doubt, O mighty-armed Arjuna, the mind is fickle and hard to curb. Yet, O son of Kunti, by constant practice it is held in check. There upon the blessed Lord said, O Arjuna, what you say is indeed true. The mind is by nature fickle. But it is possible to make it steady after sometime, if one takes recourse to dispassion and directs the mind to the path of Yoga. It is the quality of the mind that if it takes a liking for a thing, it forms an attachment of it. You should, therefore, create a liking in it for the experience of Self (416-420).

36. I agree that Yoga is hard to achieve by a person who has not subdued his mind. But this can be achieved by the right means by a self-controlled person who makes the effort.I concede that those who are not indifferent to the world and do not practise Yoga cannot possibly control the mind. But if we do not proceed along the path of self-control, never even remember what dispassion is, but keep on plunging in the waters of sense-objects and do not apply the cane of self-restraint, how can you make the mind still? Therefore, adopt the means by which you can restrain the mind and then let us see how the mind does not become steady. Do you think that the path of Yoga which has been laid down is all empty talk? The most that you can say is that you are unable to practise Yoga (421-425).

if you acquire the strength of yogic discipline, how can the mind remain fickle? Will you not be able to bring with the aid of Yoga the great principle (mahat) and others under your thumb? Then Arjuna said, “O God, what you say is true. The strength of the mind is feeble before the power of Yoga. So far I had not known what this Yoga is and how one can practise it. I, therefore, thought that it is difficult to control the mind. It is only now, for the first time, in my life, that I have come to know, through your grace, O Supreme person, what Yoga means.”