Gyaneshwari 172

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



There is nothing strange about it, but please listen for a moment to what I have to say. The Yoga described by you certainly appeals to my mind; but I may not be able to practise it for want of competence. I shall fain follow that path, if I could pursue it to the end with all the strength at my command. But if you feel that this Yoga is beyond my capacity then tell me a path which is well within my limited capacity (331-335).

With this thought uppermost in my mind, I asked you about this. I have listened carefully to the Yoga which you have preached. But is it possible for anyone to practise it or only one with requisite capacity can follow it? Then Shri Krishna replied, O Arjuna, what a question to ask! The practice of this Yoga conduces to liberation. But even in the case of any ordinary work, can one perform it without capacity on his part? One can assess the capacity of a person only from the success of his undertaking. Only if there is such ability, the work undertaken is completed (336-340). But this capacity is not a thing which can be had merely because it is desired. Tell me, is there a mine of ability from which you can extract it? Only a person who performs his prescribed duty with disinterestedness can attain this capacity, is it not so? You yourself could acquire this capacity by following this device. In this way Shri Krishna cleared Arjuna’s doubts. He further said, O Partha, there is, however, one rule about this capacity, that it cannot be attained by one who does not perform his prescribed duty.