Gyaneshwari 173

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



16. Yoga is not for him who eats too much, nor for him who eats too little, nor for him who indulges in too much sleep and surely not for him who keeps awake (too long). One who is a slave to his palate or given to sleep is not considered qualified for the study of Yoga (341-345),

nor he who starves himself by suppressing his hunger and thirst nor one who deprives himself of sleep. If a person behaves thus through obstinacy, even his body does not remain under his control; then how can he succeed in Yoga? Therefore, one should avoid excessive enjoyment of sense-objects; one should neither spurn it nor restrain one’s natural impulses.

17. He who is moderate in eating and movement, in exertion and in work, in sleep and wakefulness, to him accrues Yoga which destroys sorrow. A person should eat to live, and so he should eat wholesome food in moderation. Whatever work he undertakes, he should also do it in moderation. He should be moderate in his speech and in walks and go to sleep at a fixed hour (346-350).

If he has to keep awake, he should do so for a limited period. By means of such a regulated life, he is able to maintain the seven primary fluids of the body in due proportions. If senses are kept satisfied by providing them their sense-objects in a regular way, the mind also remains contented.