Gyaneshwari 171

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



This state cannot be certainly brought within the scope of words or of hearing: this is the absolute truth. If fortune favours a person and he cares to experience it, he becomes one with it. Then nothing remains to be known, O archer, and any further talk about it would be fruitless. It is a state from which words turn back, in which desire ends and which is beyond pale of thought. This is the beautiful state of mental absorption, the youthful state of samadhi in which the yogi becomes one with Brahman. It is beginningless and unfathomable (316-320).

It is the origin of the universe, the fruit of the Yoga-tree and the very sentience of bliss. It is that in which the state of emancipation, all beginning and end get merged. This Brahman is the origin of the five great elements, the light of light, in short, O Partha, it is my own essence. When the non-believers persecuted the band of my devotees, I became incarnate and assumed the beautiful human form with four arms. In order to attain the indescribable bliss of this form men strove ceaselessly and became full of bliss (321-325). 

Those who practised this method of Yoga described by me became purified and achieved a capability equal to mine. Their bodies appear brilliant, as if they are fashioned out of the essence of the Supreme Spirit, cast in the mould of the human form. Once such experience illumines the mind, the entire world of appearance vanishes. Then Arjuna said, “O Lord, what you say is all true; by following the path preached by you, one clearly goes to the abode of Brahman. I have now come to realize from your talk that those who practise this Yoga assiduously, surely attain to Brahman (326-330).