Gyaneshwari 170

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Then with the destruction of the veil of the five great elements results the union of Shiva and Shakti. And she along with the cidakasha becomes merged in the bliss of Brahman, just as the sea water being transformed into clouds (by the process of evaporation) and the clouds pouring down into the rivers, ultimately rejoin the sea, in the same way the embodied self, by means of the human body, enters the abode of Brahman and becomes united with it. At this stage all doubt or discussion whether there is duality or unity comes to an end. When a person experiences this state in which the cidakasha becomes merged in akasha, he becomes one with it (306-310).

This state cannot possibly be expressed in words so that it can be explained in conversation. O Arjuna, even Vaikhari, the fourth form of speech which boasts of its power of expressing a thought remains mute in this case. Even the makara, (the third syllable of Om) finds it difficult to enter the region behind the eyebrows. Similarly, the vital breath prana experiences difficulty in entering the cidakasha. When it gets merged in the cidakasha, the expressive power of words comes to an end, and then even the akasha becomes attenuated, so that one finds it difficult to trace it in the deep waters of the unmanifest state of the Absolute. Of what avail are words then (311-315)?