Gyaneshwari 102

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The blessed Lord said:

5. Many lives of mine have passed, and so have yours, O Arjuna. I know them all, but you know them not, O Partha. Then Lord Krishna said, “It is natural for you to be confused, O Arjuna, as you think that I did not exist in the days of the Sun. You do not know that both of us have had many births before. You do not remember your former births, but I recollect very well all my previous incarnations.”

6. Though I am unborn and immutable and also the Lord of all creatures, yet resorting to my own nature, I come into being through my Maya. I remember all my former births, as I take birth with the aid of Maya. But I do not lose my eternity. What appears as my descent and return is mere appearance due to this Maya (4145).

This does not affect my freedom, and if I appear subject to action, that too is due to delusion, in reality it is not so. One thing appears two, when seen in a mirror; but if you consider the reality, are they really two? So Arjuna, although I am without form, through the power of my Maya, I play-act different roles for the good of the world.