Gyaneshwari 103

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



7. Whenever righteousness declines, O Arjuna, and wickedness flourishes, then I reincarnate myself. It has been my custom from time immemorial that I should uphold righteousness in all ages. Therefore, when vice prevails over righteousness, I forget, that I am birthless and without form (46-50).

8. For the protection of the good and the destruction of the wicked and for establishing righteousness, I reincarnate myself. I reincarnate myself to espouse the cause of my devotees, and to destroy the darkness of ignorance. I snap the seams of vice, destroy the bad texts, and by raising the banner of happiness through good men, and by destroying the race of demons, I restore respect for holy men and bring about the union of righteousness and morality. Then I erase the soot of ignorance, brighten the lamp of discrimination and bring about an endless festival of lamps for the yogis. The whole world is filled with holy joy, righteousness begins to thrive in the world and the devotees become pot-bellied (satiated) with sattva quality. When I assume the human form, O Arjuna, merit shines, razing to the ground mountains of sin. I reincarnate myself for this purpose in every epoch; only a discriminating person knows this secret of Mine.