Gyaneshwari 101

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



3. This same Yoga has been taught by me to you today, O Arjuna; for you are my devotee and friend; this Yoga is the supreme secret. Verily the same Yoga I have taught to you, O Arjuna; do not entertain any doubt about it. This Yoga is the secret of my heart; how can I hide it from you who are my bosom friend? O Arjuna, you are the image of love, the soul of devotion, the very essence of friendship and the repository of my trust. How then can I deceive you? Although we are poised for battle (25-30),

notwithstanding this disturbance, I shall take the trouble to remove your ignorance.

Arjuna said:

4. Later is your birth and earlier was the birth of the Sun. How then am I to know that you declared it to him in the beginning? Arjuna then said, “O compassionate Lord, is there anything surprising if the mother is fond of her child? You are a shelter to those who are tired of life and mother to the orphaned. It is entirely your mercy that has brought us in this world. O Lord, if a mother gives birth to a crippled child, need I tell you that she has to nurture it with great care from its birth? Now I wish to ask you something, pray listen carefully. Please do not be cross with me on that account (31-35).

The ancient tale that you have narrated, O Krishna, strikes me as somewhat incredible. Even our forefathers do not know who that Vivasvat (Sun) was. Then how and when did you teach him Yoga? We hear that he lived long ago, and you belong to the present. These two statements seem to involve a contradiction. Moreover, O Lord I cannot fathom your deeds. Well, how can I, therefore, say all at once that what you have said is incorrect? So explain it to me in very clear terms, so that I can understand how you could give this instruction to the Sun (36-40).”