Ved Vyas

  • Sage Vyas was the son of the sage Parashar by Satyavati.
  • He was the original compiler and arranger of the Veds and the founder of the Vedant philosophy.
  • Vyas was also the celebrated author of the Mahabharat.
  • Immediately after his birth, Vyas went to the forest to perform penance.
  • Once, desiring to obtain a son, on the advice of Narad, Vyas began to perform a sacrifice. At that moment, he saw the Apsara Ghritachi, who had assumed the form of a parrot. Seeing the beautiful nymph, his seed fell from him into the sacrificial fire, from which was born a son named Shuk.
  • After Shuk finished his studies under Brihaspati, he commenced his advanced studies under his father, who also taught him the Mahabharat. In the meantime, after Vichitravirya's death, Satyavati requested Vyas to beget sons on Vichitravirya's widows.
  • Vyas begot Pandu on Ambalika, Dhritrashtra on Ambika and Vidur on the maid of Ambalika.
  • It was Vyas who blessed Gandhari with a hundred sons and also a daughter.
  • Sanjay, a minister of Dhritrashtra, was granted celestial vision by Vyas so that he could relate to the blind Dhritrashtra the events that were taking place at the battle-field in Kurukshetra.
  • When Dhritrashtra, Gandhari and Kunti had retired to the forest, Vyas went to visit them. He granted the three of them a boon and all of them desired to see their dead sons and kinsmen. With the power of his penance, Vyas restored Dhritrashtra's sight for a day and then revived the spirits of those who had died in the Mahabharat battle, so that they could see all their loved ones. After a day, all the revived souls returned to the places they had come from.