Sahdeva and Nakul
  • Sahdeva was the fifth of the Pandav princes, begotten on Maadri, the second wife of Pandu, by the Ashvinikumars.
  • Sahdeva was the twin brother of Nakula. When Pandu died, Maadri handed over her children to Kunti and from then on the twins had con sidered Kunti as their mother.
  • Along with his other brothers, Sahdeva learnt the art of war from Dron.
  • Sahdeva had a son named Shrutsen by his wife Draupadi.
  • He was also married to Vijaya, daughter of king Dyutiman and had by her a son named Suhotra.
  • The extremely handsome Sahdeva was well-acquainted in the management of cattle.
  • Hence, during the thirteenth year of their exile, when the Pandavs took up employment in the palace of king Virat, Sahdeva assumed the name of Arishtnemi and supervised Virat's cattle.
  • After the Mahabharat war, when Kunti had retired to the forest, he and Yudhishthir went to visit her.