• Dhrishtadyumna was the son of king Drupad of Panchal.
  • Dhrishtdyumna and his sister Draupadi were born from the fire of a sacrifice, performed by Drupad to obtain a son who would kill Dron.
  • Dhrishtdyumna learnt the use of weapons from Dron himself.
  • He was also in charge of Draupadi's Svayamvar and was glad to know that it was Arjun who had married his sister.
  • When the Pandavs were in exile, he had taken the sons of Draupadi with him to Panchal.
  • During the Mahabharat war, he was the commander in-chief of the Pandav forces.
  • When Dron heard the false report about the death of Ashvatthama, he put down in weapons and sat down to meditate.
  • At this moment, Dhrishtdyumna cut of Drop's head with his sword.
  • Ashvatthama, on hearing this, swore to avenge his father's death.
  • After the war was over, Ashvatthama, with two others, crept into the Pandav camp while all were asleep and killed Dhrishtdyumna.
  • Dhrishtdyumna had four sons, viz. Dhrishtketu, Kshatradharma, Kshatranjay and Manad.