• Abhimanyu was the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, Krishna and Balram’s sister. He is also believed to be the son of Chandra (Moon).
  • All the deities sent their sons to the Earth but Chandra said he couldn’t bear his son’s separation and so gave Abhimanyu a life span of 16 yrs on Earth as a human. His death was a merciful and came with deception.
  • Abhimanyu spent his childhood in Dwarka. He was married to King Virat’s daughter, Uttara. Abhimanyu’s son, Parikshit, was born after Abhimanyu’s death. Parikshit, after the war, was the sole survivor of the Kuru Dynasty who continued the Pandav clan.
  • Abhimanyu was an extraordinary warrior. He broke six out of seven entrances to the Kaurava’s battle arrays, known as Chakravyuh.
  • When Abhimanyu was in Subhadra’s womb, he heard Arjuna telling her the array formation. But as Subhadra slept during the coming out of the array part, Abhimanyu couldn’t learn it. Jaidrath was the reason for Abhimanyu’s death as he stopped other Pandava’s to enter the array. Kauravas attacked the young boy in the centre of the formation and killed him.
  • Arjuna promised to kill Jaidrath before sunset as revenge to his son’s death. Here Arjuna killed Jaidrath with Krishna’s miracle.