• Nakula was the fourth of the Pandav princes, be gotten on Maadri, the second wife of Pandu, by the Ashvinikumars.
  • Nakula was the twin brother of Sahdeva. After the death of Pandu, Maadri handed over her sons, Nakula and Sahdeva, in the charge of Kunti, and joined her husband on the funeral pyre.
  • Since then, the twins had considered Kunti as their mother. By his wife Draupadi, Nakula had a son named Shatanik.
  • Later, Nakula was married to Karenumati, the daughter of Shishupal. They had a son named Nirmitra.
  • Nakula, who was known for his handsomeness, was a skilled swordsman and an expert rider.
  • Hence, during the thirteenth year of their exile, when the Pandavs were employed in the palace of king Virat, Nakula assumed the name of Granthik and worked in the stables of the king.
  • After the Mahabharat war, Nakula was appointed as the chief captain of the Pandav army.