Subhadra and Arjuna
  • Subhadra was a daughter of Vasudev, sister of Krishna and a wife of Arjun.
  • Once, when the Yadavs held a grand festival on the mountain Raivatak, Arjun was visiting Dvarka.
  • Krishna and Arjun strolling about came across Subhadra and her companions. The moment Arjun saw her, he fell in love with her.
  • Krishna did not fail to notice what was occupying his kinsman's mind. Laughing, Krishna teased him and asked him if he was interested in marrying her.
  • When Arjun said that he would do anything to obtain her, Krishna advised him to abduct her, as one could not be too certain who she would chose at a Svayamvar.
  • According to the plan of action discussed between them, Arjun carried Subhadra off in his chariot as she was returning to Dvarka from the temple atop mountain Raivatak.
  • When the guards informed the kings of the abduction, the furious Yadavs began gathering their army. But on Balram's counsel they all listened to what Krishna had to say.
  • Krishna defended Arjun's action and commended the alliance, where upon the Yadavs acquiesced, and Arjun was escorted back to Dvarka, where he married Subhadra. Arjun and Subhadra had a son named Abhimanyu.
  • During the thirteenth year of exile of the Pandavs, Krishna took Subhadra and Abhimanyu with him to Dvarka.