• Parshuram was a son of Jamdagni by his wife Renuka.
  • Parshuram was one of the incarnations of Vishnu, born to destroy the Kshatriya race.
  • Once, at the command of his father Parshuram beheaded his mother, but later asked for her life as a boon. When Renuka told her son about the death of his father, she beat her heart twenty-one times and her son swore to go round the world twenty-one times and destroy the Kshatriya race.
  • When Ram was returning from Mithila after his marriage, Parshuram challenged him and asked him to break the bow which he had.
  • When Ram did so, Parshuram, recognizing him to be Vishnu himself, bowed to him and begged him not to hamper his powers of locomotion, but requested Ram to destroy instead the regions he had achieved by his austerities.
  • Parshuram returned to the Mahendra mountains, where he came from. Due to Parshuram's hatred for Kshatriys, Karn came to study under him in the disguise of a Brahman, and when discovered, Parshuram cursed him that his study would be of no use to him.
  • Bhishma and Dron had also studied under Parshuram.