• Virat was king of Matsya.
  • He had two wives. His first wife Suratha gave birth to a son named Shvet.
  • Virat also married Sudeshna, princess of Kekay. By her, he had two sons, Shankh and Uttar, and a daughter named Uttara.
  • During their exile, the Pandav spent their thirteenth year incognito in the palace of king Virat.
  • After the death of Kichak, the commander-in-chief of his army, king Virat was attacked on all sides by his enemies and the Pandavs rendered him their service against his foes.
  • When he learnt that it was the Pandavs who had saved his kingdom, he wanted to give his daughter Uttara's hand in marriage to Arjun, but the latter politely declined and instead accepted her as his son Abhimanyu's wife.
  • In the Mahabharat war, king Virat, his brothers and his sons fought in the Pandav army.
  • Virat was slain by Dron.