• Eklavya was the son of Hiranyadhanu, a tribal chief, who went to Dron to learn the use of arms.
  • But Dron refused to accept him as his student because he was a Shudra.
  • Eklavya, bent on being Dron's student, went into the forest, where he prepared a statue of Dron, began practising archery and soon mastered the art.
  • One day, when the Pandavs were hunting, one of their dogs, came upon Eklavya in the forest and started barking. Eklavya sent forth several arrows into the mouth of the

dog, which returned whining to its owner.

  • The Pandavas were amazed when they saw the skill with which the arrows had been shot. When Dron learnt of it, he went to see Eklavya and demanded from him his right thumb as Gurudakshina.
  • Eklavya willingly did it, and could still shoot, but he ceased to be a threat to Arjun any more.
  • Eklavya had a son named Ketuman.