• According to compendium of Hindus, Brahma had seven human sons.
  • Narad was one of them and became a priest-sage after a hard penance.
  • He is believed to be one of the dear devotees of Vishnu.
  • Narad was represented as the messenger between gods and men, bearing a lute.
  • He was wont to provoke quarrels. Narad had many reincarnations.
  • It was Narad who discouraged the sons of Daksh from helping in the process of creation, and was cursed by the latter to be born as his son.
  • Narad was also born as a Devgandharv, the son of Kashyap by his wife Muni.
  • Once, on a visit to Dwarka, Narad tried to test Krishna. He visited all the 16008 wives of Krishna, and he saw the latter in conversation with each of them.
  • Narad was filled with wonder that Krishna managed to maintain all his wives.