Gyaneshwari 646

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Three Kinds of Faith

O my Master, your quiescent meditation (yoganidra) releases the hold of this universe of name and form: my obeisance to you, who are verily Ganesha, the Lord of ganas (demigods). The embodied Self, confined in the body, was released by your remembrance, like Lord Shankar who was trapped in the three cities of demon Tripura. If you are weighed with Shri Shankara, you tip the scale, but on the other hand, you are like a light raft, to carry a person safe across the sea of worldly existence. To those who are ignorant of your true nature, you seem to have a crooked face (vakratunda), but you always appear straight to the wise. Your Divine eyes look small, but by opening and closing them you bring about sportingly, the creation and dissolution of the universe (1-5).

When you flap your right ear in the form of activity, then the wind fragrant with your rut blows, attracting the bees, in the form of embodied Selves. When these bees sit on your temples, they appear like a wreath of blue lotuses, offered to you in worship. When you flap the other (left) ear in the form of renunciation, then the worship is concluded and then your bodily form is revealed in its pristine glory. This illusive world appearance is only due to your sportive dance. You display your skill by performing the Tandava dance (the violent dance of Lord Shiva). This apart, the wonderful thing about you is, that with whomsoever you form a kinship, that person is deprived of this kinship (with the loss of the sense of dualism). When you remove their bonds of karma, they feel that you are the brother of the world and joyfully render you service (6-10)

and lose their body-consciousness. But those who think, that you are separate from them and run to reach you by diverse means, you remain hidden beyond their ken.


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