Gyaneshwari 645

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Divine and Demoniacal Natures

24. Therefore let the scriptures be your authority for determining what is your duty and what is not. After knowing what is prescribed in the scriptures, you should do your work in this world. For this reason, O dear Arjuna, one who has solicitude for his own good, should not disregard the dictates of the Vedas (451-455).

A loyal wife wins the favour of her husband and thereby secures her good. The disciple who moulds his conduct keeping in mind the instruction of the preceptor, attains to the knowledge of the Self. Moreover, if a person has hidden his treasure in a dark place, he has to take a lamp to get it back. In the same way, if one desires to master the four ends of life, he must show profound reverence to the rules laid down by the scriptures and codes of law (smriti). He should renounce what is forbidden by them, and even if it be a kingdom, he should treat it as a blade of grass. One should follow what is enjoined by the scriptures, even though it be deadly poison (456-460).

How can one who has such implicit faith in the Vedas ever come to evil? O Arjuna, there is no mother in this world like the scripture who protects her child from evil and promotes its well-being. Therefore do not forsake this motherly scripture, which leads one to the attainment of the supreme and devote yourself to her with single-mindedness. O Arjuna, you are born in this world on the strength of your past deeds to demonstrate the fruitful message of the scriptures and you have won for yourself the nickname ‘follower of Dharma’ (meaning also younger brother of Yudhishthira who is also known as Dharma). You should, therefore, not do anything contrary to the Vedic precepts (461-465).

You should judge the propriety or otherwise of your actions with sole reference to the scriptures. You should shun whatever is improper and carry out sincerely your duties to their completion. O talented Arjuna, you now possess the signet-ring in the form of intellect, which is held as valid all over the world. You have, therefore, become fit to guide the world by your conduct on the righteous path. In this way, the Lord explained to Arjuna the characteristics of the demoniacal nature and also the way of escape from it. Now Arjuna will question the Lord on the nature of faith; please listen to it attentively (466-40).

I am telling you though the grace of Shri Nivrittinatha, what Sanjaya said to Dhritarashtra at the behest of sage Vyasa. O saints, if you look at me with your kind glances, I shall be as great as yourselves. Shri Jnanadeva says, kindly show me the favour of your attention so that I shall achieve my cherished object (471-475).