Gyaneshwari 266

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

16. I give heat and hold back rain and send it forth. I am immortality and death, as also being and non-being, O Arjuna. When I heat up the world as sun, it dries up, and when I send showers as Indra, it is flooded. When the fire consumes fuel, the latter becomes fire, and so the one who is killed and the killer are of My very nature. Whatever is mortal in this world is also My form, and that which is immortal is indeed My being. Without being prolix, I shall say it in a nutshell, that I am both what is manifest and what is unmanifest; therefore, O Arjuna, is there any place where I am not? It is indeed a pity that creatures are unlucky and fail to see Me (296-300).

s it not surprising that just as the waves should dry up without water and sun’s rays cannot be seen without a lamp, My very forms should not recognise Me. I fill this world in and out, which is all My being, but fate comes in the way of mortals and makes them blind towards Me. If one who has fallen into a well of nectar wants to be taken out of it, what can you do about such an ill-starred person? Just as a blind person, running in search of food, stumbles upon a philosopher’s stone and kicks it away, such indeed is the lot of persons who give up wisdom. So whatever actions they do without wisdom, are not worth the name (301-305).

Of what avail are wings of eagle if they are given to a blind man? So good actions not based on wisdom are only wasted effort.