Gyaneshwari 265

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

15. I am the goal, the protector, Lord and witness, the abode, refuge and friend; I am the origin, dissolution and support, the resting place and the eternal seed. I am the Supreme goal where rests the prakriti in which is stored this world, both animate and inanimate. I am that by which the prakriti lives and by presiding over which, I enjoy its qualities. O Arjuna, I am the Lord of the cosmic creation and the Master of all the three worlds (276-280).

It is by My command that the sky spreads out everywhere, the wind blows unceasingly, the fire burns and the rains come. It is by My command that the mountains do not stir from their sites, the seas do not cross their limits, and the earth bears the creatures. It is because of Me, that the Vedas speak and the sun moves, the prana stirs and sets the world in motion. It is under My direction that the God of death destroys the world; and so, O Son of Pandu, all things happens as I command. I am the omnipotent Lord of the universe and I am the witness of everything such as akasha (281-285).

I pervade and support this universe of name and form. Just as water gives rise to ripples and fills them, I support this entire universe and abide in it. I free My devotees from the bondage of birth and death, and am the refuge of those who have surrendered themselves to Me. Although one, I assume manifold forms through the qualities of prakriti and I abide as the life of the universe. Just as the sun becomes reflected equally in a sea or a pond, I am the friend of all creatures including Brahma (286290).

I am, O Pandava, the fountain of vitality of the universe, the root-cause of the creation and destruction of the world. The seed grows into a tree, which in turn is stored in the seed; so this universe is created from My will and become totally reabsorbed into it. I am the abode of this Will, where the seed of the universe rests in the form of latent impressions at the end of the cycle. Then the name and form as also classes and individuals, all caste-distinctions cease to exist along with all forms. I am the treasure-house where this everlasting primeval Will, desires and latent impressions retire, ready to burst forth in the next creation (291-295).