Gyaneshwari 26

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

43. By the sins of those who destroy the family by the intermingling of castes, the long-standing caste duties and family customs get destroyed.

44. For men, O Krishna, whose family customs get destroyed their place is ever fixed in hell, so we have heard.

45. Alas! What a grievous sin we have resolved to commit, in that, from the greed for the joys of a kingdom, we are ready to kill our kinsmen. O Lord, listen; another grievous sin arises from this kin-slaughter. Contact with this family also vitiates public life. Just as a fire in an inner chamber of the house flares up and burns the other parts also, so everyone who comes in contact with this family, gets affected by it, and because of these sins he suffers a horrible life in hell (256-260).

When a person goes to hell, he finds no respite even at the end of the world, so total is his downfall from the destruction of the family. O Lord, you have been hearing my chatter, but it does not seem to trouble you. Why have you made your heart as hard as an adamant? This body for which we expect royal pleasures is ephemeral. Knowing this, should we not avoid this sin of kin-slaughter? Have I not committed enough sin by looking at these elders with the intention of killing them?