Gyaneshwari 27

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

46. Even if in this battle the Kauravas wielding weapons in their hands were to kill me unresisting and unarmed, that would be far better for me. Rather than live like this, it is better to lay down the weapons and suffer the attacks of the Kauravas (261-265).

It would be far better to meet death in this way. I do not at all like the idea of committing the sin of kin-slaughter. When Arjuna saw his kinsmen on the battlefield, he said that to enjoy a kingdom by killing them would be like hell.

47. Thus spoke Arjuna on the battle-field and sat in the chariot seat, laying down his bow and arrows, his heart filled with sorrow. Sanjaya said to Dhritarashtra, “Listen, O King, Arjuna spoke thus on that occasion on the field of battle. He became very agitated and overcome by violent grief he jumped down from the chariot. Even as a deposed prince becomes the object of scorn, or the sun in eclipse (literally, swallowed by demon Rahu) becomes lack-lustre (266-270),

or an ascetic tempted by miraculous powers goes astray and overcome by desire becomes wretched, so Arjuna seemed overwhelmed by excessive grief after he dismounted from the chariot. Then, O King, he threw down his bow and arrows, and his eyes were filled with copious tears. After seeing Arjuna so overwhelmed with grief, the Lord of Vaikuntha will impart to him wisdom. It is a joy to listen to the story, which will come next in great detail, so said Jnanadeva, disciple of Nivritti (271-275).