Gyaneshwari 203

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

18. Noble indeed are all these, but I hold the man of wisdom as My very Self. For with a concentrated mind, he has resorted to Me alone, as the Supreme goal. I like even the devotee who worships Me with a selfish motive, but I really love the devotee who has realized Me. O Arjuna, people bind the legs of a cow to milk her, but how does she suckle the calf without being so bound (116-120)?

Because the calf does not recognize anyone else with its heart and soul and knows the cow to be its mother by mere sight. The calf is solely devoted to the cow and so the cow likes it. Shri Jnanadeva says, undoubtedly what the Lord said is absolutely true. Then the Lord said, no doubt, I like the other three kinds of devotees who are also good. Just as the river joins the sea without looking backward, so the devotee who realizes Me forgets the worldly existence. When the river of experience, starting from the valley of his mind, meets Me, he becomes one with Me. What more can I say of him (121-125)?

Thus he, who is called a Jnani is My very Self. I should not have said this, but I spoke as the occasion required it.